Business Intelligence System

Business Intelligence
eGovernance solution for Councils

The Business Intelligence application is developed to cover all aspects of an organization which allows users to manage information that helps enterprise users to make better and informed business decisions. The system allows multi-layer login functionality for the different hierarchical position of the organization to control, monitor, analyze, report and budget from numerous sources of data. one of the key features of its reporting section has ability to provide reports at different hierarchical levels for the specified periods. These reports can be exported in different file format such as .XLS, .PDF, .DOC. Moreover the system keeps the audit trail for every user of the system on any given time period.

However, the system plays indispensable role in driving the organization financial resources further, enabling better decision-making and achieving key performance targets. It provides a data analysis tool that integrates with multiple core business databases to provide a top-down solution to all the client's budgeting and reporting needs.