Housing Management Website

This website is developed and designed based on .Net technology platform. This is a robust solution to the client allows multiple users to access various features and functionalities based on their role and responsibilities.
The portal is designed to meet the requirements of the organizations that provide social housing to citizens. The system supports the organizations which are split into three main areas as following:

  • Housing Management

  • Financial Management

  • Human Resources

  • The housing management function or an organization includes a number of activities. If a citizen is looking for accommodation then they generally approach the relevant RSL in their area or the area they are looking to move into. All RSL’s can operate some form of waiting list in which the citizen will need to go on before a suitable property becomes available. This deals with billing the person and collecting amounts owed. There are also a number of other systems that support activities around a property such as Repairs & Maintenance which deals with any property based issues.

    Main Feature:

    • Repairs & Maintenance – managing the repair of properties on a reactive basis

    • Rent Accounting – charging tenants and collection of monies due

    • Waiting List – allocation people to properties

    • Sundry Debtors – general billing and collection

    • Service Charges – billing occupants for additional charges associated with their properties

    • Homeless – managing temporary accommodation

    • Anti-Social Behavior – monitoring and management of ASB cases

    • Planned Maintenance – proactive maintenance of properties

    • Voids – management of empty properties

    • Supporting People – management of Government payments around supports services, such as care