Windows Mobile Application Development

Mobile phones have become an integral part in our day-to-day life. Whether it is about an individual or a business, mobile phones have become a necessity. Microsoft’s innovative products for desktop and web have remained the favorite of many users throughout the globe. Windows mobile is the lighter version of the famous Windows operating system, especially designed for mobile devices keeping in mind the hardware configurations used in mobile devices.

The main advantage in using the Windows mobile platform is that, it allows you to use the existing .NET, Visual Studio and server setup to expand your applications to mobile devices.Our expert Windows Mobile Apps developers are proficient in using the Windows Mobile software required to develop Windows mobile application. For developing any windows apps desktop or web or mobile, our developers use Visual Studio. Our developers can build competent Windows apps using any version of Visual Studio. We use web services/SOAP/XML for communication and Silverlight for rich internet applications. Our Windows Mobile Development team can also develop games for Windows mobile phone. We use the latest Windows Mobile software to develop Windows Mobile Apps.

The recently launched Windows Phone Mango 7.5 comes with a couple of rich features, which are helpful in development of Windows mobile apps. The features like easy connectivity, social media integration, messaging and chatting capabilities, easy navigation and touch-screen interface enhance the user experience of using a smartphone. The Mango Windows phone has an integrated messaging system where in a user can switch between messaging application easily. The Windows Phone Mango has an improved email services wherein a user can distinguish easily between read and unread emails. Seamless integration with Social Media Apps has become easier with the Windows 7 phone Mango. The Windows 7 phone has a unique feature called as “what’s new” where you can find all the latest updates in Facebook, twitter from your contacts at one single place. The connectivity of Mango Windows Phone with EDGE, Wi-Fi and 3G is wonderful. Multitasking is another gratifying skill of the Windows 7 Phone as it can handle multiple applications at the same time.

We have a team of mobile professionals who can provide consultancy on Windows mobile apps. We have hire services for our clients for development of mobile applications. Using our hire services, our clients have options, they can allow our mobile developers team to work in their environment or they can have a team of mobile developers that can work offshore for them. Whatever our clients choose, they are going to be in a win-win situation.


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